Linux on a Fujitsu U810 - Gnome Phone Manager Issues

Recently I set gnome-phone-manager to automatically start after logging into gnome.

It seems to me this utility (to be able to send / receive sms from the computer using a bluetooth enabled phone) is not ready for production as:

- when started, if the phone was not ready, after activating bluetooth in the phone it would not connect. I had to stop the application and restart it again, with the phone ready, to be able to connect the computer with the phone.

even this 'reconnect' functionality is built-in, it clearly doesn't work as it should

- it was interfering in gnome-power-manager, thus my 'suspend when lid is closed' setting and the gnome brightness applet were not working as gnome-power-manager was crashing. i thought that to be realted with the wifi driver, but I was wrong.

So, my decision now is to stop using gnome-phone-manager and look for an alternative to easily be able to text-message with the computer using my bluetooth enabled phone and u810!

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