Installing linux on a Fujitsu U810 - General status

Current status: as of 2009.11.27


linux distribution
ubuntu karmic 10.04 updated to latest
installation ok
out-of-the-box - details
laptop screen ok
keyboard ok out-of-the-box
special keys
ok need special driver - details
touchscreen ok need special driver and files - details
external monitor
ok out-of-the-box - details
lan ok out-of-the-box
wifi ok out-of-the-box
bluetooth ok out-of-the-box
compact flash
ok out-of-the-box
sd slot
ok out-of-the-box
tablet mode
ok need some tweaks - details
external 3G modem
ok out-of-the-box
keyboard light
? needs some tweaks - details
finger reader
? not tested
suspend/resume ok out-of-the-box
integrated webcam
ok needs some tweaks - details
integrated speaker
ok out-of-the-box
headphones jack
ok out-of-the-box
elgato eyetv usb
analog tv by now - details

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  1. any progress on keyboard lights? Really need help on this thanks

  2. I have found some information about how to compile a kernel module to enable the keyboard lights at
    The instructions are for Hardy and I am running the newest Kernel in Jaunty. Would love to make the keyboard lights work.
    How is your progress coming along with this?

  3. Although I was able to set up and install the recommended packages for the fingerprint scanner using the instructions from a thread on the Ubuntu Forums, I don't reccommend doing so. The important thing for me from that experience is to know that there is some Linux support for the reader on the u810. Yet the software is still buggy enough to cause system freezes and log-in errors. I was unable to completely remove the software once it was installed on my system and eventually had do a fresh install of Jaunty.
    But while it lasted it was great to be able swipe my finger to log on to my computer!