Linux on a Fujitsu U810 - Suspend / Resume update

Update 2009-05-11: see this newer post as the solution to this issue (it seems that gnome-phone-manager was crashing gnome-power-manager, weird, right?)

With the latest Jaunty update, I noticed that when closing the lid the computer was not going into suspend.

I went to System -> Preferences -> Power Management, and my surprise was that there I couldn't find any 'when laptop lid is closed' option, nor 'on battery power' tab.

I finally found the solution to have all those options back:

1 go to System -> Preferences -> Power Management, select in General tab the 'Always display an icon' option

2 click on the icon in the panel, and then those options came back!!

There I selected again that, on close lid, have the computer go to suspend.

I don't know why the latest update just deleted my power settings.

Update: the day after, after resuming the laptop, going to System -> Preferences -> Power Management showed again the missing options. Weird, isn't it?

Why there weren't there the day before? Did my actions really solved the issue or there was something else?

Who knows, but suspend / resume is back to normal and working great!!

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