Linux on a Fujitsu U810 - Special keys

To have special buttons located around the screen working, just install the fjbtndrv driver package from the ppa.launchpad.net repository.

With this module installed, functionality is:

- press the rotate button to rotate screen to left, inverted, right and back to normal
- press the scrolling up/down buttons to scroll current window

This module will give you three components:

- fsc_btns kernel driver
- fscd daemon
- fscrotd daemon

Notes abous fscrotd
This application detects when you put the computer in tablet mode, and then rotates the screen accordingly.

My recommendation is not to use the fscrotd daemon, as it doesn't work very nicely. Instead, just rotate the screen and after press the rotate screen button to make screen rotation happen.

To deactivate fscrotd daemon, once logged into gnome, go to System -> Preferences -> Starup Applications and de-select fscrotd to avoid being launched when logging in.

You can monitor that this driver is working looking at dbus events:
dbus-monitor --system

Devel notes

- http://fjbtndrv.wiki.sourceforge.net/usage

- fscd: buttons activation:
quad: screen rotate

up: scrolling up
down: scrolling down

fsc_btns: hal integration - tablet mode:
* $ uid=`hal-find-by-property --key "button.type" --string "tablet_mode"`
* $ hal-get-property --udi $uid --key button.state.value

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  1. I finally got this package installed on my u820 but nothing works . . . I do have the daemons installed, and I disabled fscrotd. Didn't do anything, no buttons work, and I can't see anything in dbus-monitor when I press the buttons, either. Did I miss something simple? Thanks for any help you may be able to provide!