Flashblock extension for Firefox

Lately I'm experiencing high cpu usage when navigating the internets, specially due to the fact that flash is now everywhere: ads, videos, image scrolls, graphics, animations, ...

Flash has became an essential tool not only in bad-designed websites, I mean, even google uses it!!

Since Flash support in linux is very badly implemented, and my now-more-than-1-year-old u810 is not such a powerful computer, I decided to install the 'flashblock' extension.

With this plugin enabled, instead of flash automatically clogging my system, for each flash object a squared box appears with a play button inside, which when being pressed then plays the flash.

It works very well and avoids my computer look like hung when anvigating or opening multiple tabs in firefox.

P.D.- I'm still waiting for adobe to release a decent flash player for linux, when will that happen please?

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