Fujitsu U810 - Ubuntu upgarde to 10.04, Lucid Lynx

update 2010.09.02: I recently installed the kernel 2.6.36, and then,

- suspend/resume works as expected

- external monitor works great !!

- mouse pointer is ok

- boot is as long as expected

=> so, now I can recommend to upgrade to lucid, as long as you install this kernel release.

To install this kernel in ubuntu, read this post.

This last week-end I took fresh air and made the brave decision to upgrade my U810 to the latest ubuntu, lucid lynx, 10.04, released two weeks ago.

Long story short: don't do it yet.


- suspend / resume was working flawless in 9.04, and fast; with 10.04, something strange is happening, many times on opening the screen does not resume, and even resuming sliding the power button the machine resumes but external usb devices and monitor don't work, and I have to go through a several Ctr+Alt+F1 - Ctrl+Alt+F7 sequences to have usb devices working back

- external display behaves strange: I wrote 'nomodeset' option in the kernel load commenad line at grub, to have the external monitor working. But :

Working with the monitor tool in System -> Preferences is like a nightmare, sometimes it works, other doesn't, so I have to keep trying selecting the external monitor, then it gives some error, then I select it again, then it works , ....

Many times, when the screen-saver launches, the external monitor gets disabled (some other it doesn't), and I have to go to the Monitor tool nightmare

- the mouse pointer is broken; botom 30% is the usual arrow-bottom, but the 70% rest is the text-entry cursor; even it seems a small annoyance, its a big usability issue; many times I end up pressing options I didn't want to !

- booting seems to me much longer than with previous version ....

In ubuntu 9.04 everything was working very fine, very fast, not even a slight issue; with this version, the problems are too serious to recommend and upgrade, so just wait.

I'll be updating my system as new updates are available, and I'll post back when the issues described are solved.

BTW: the touchscreen driver compiled and works as usual !


  1. Hi,
    I just got Fujitsu U810 and I'm trying to install Ubuntu Netbook edition into it. Do you have complete instruction
    how to install touchscreen there?
    Do you know how to fix issues with buttons / keyboard lights / camera

  2. Hi Zoxa,

    - the procedure to install the touchscreen for netbook edition should be the same as for normal ubuntu

    - to have the buttons working, install the fsc_btn driver

    - to have the camera working, see:

    - for the keyboards lights, I'm working on it, but not ready yet ...


  3. ubuntu 10.04
    glxgears in 1400 but sometime in 600
    now system slow. only reboot

  4. hi

    i'm experiencing random freeze with ubuntu 10.04 and mu fujitsu u1010 : device frozen with 2 keybord lights blinking.
    i tried to upgrade the kernel to 2.6.34 but still randomly freezing with black screen...

    my system is ok with win7, and was ok with ubuntu 9.10 before...

    am i the only fujitsu u owner with this terrible ubuntu 10.04 problem???

  5. it seems touchscreen is working out of the box with kernel 2.6.34, although with slow response time and uncalibrated. i have to test it further.

  6. I have been using Xubuntu with my u810, no problems so far. Thanks for your hard work on the touchscreen, now if the keyboard light worked I'd have 100% functionality.

  7. I have tried both 9.10 and 10.04 and have had very mixed results. With Jaunty everything except the keyboard lights worked - but with both Karmic and Lucid the system is sluggish and WIFI has been a nightmare. The Atheros drivers are no longer default and I have not had good luck enabling the backports. Madwifi and ndiswrapper have given mixed results - either intermittent connections or even worse I can see wireless connections but I can't connect to them. I am so disappointed in Lucid - but for the time I had it running on my u810 I was able to use the keyboard lights thanks to your tutorial.

    Am I the only one who has run into the WIFI issues upgrading from Jaunty?

  8. Hi, I have just performed a clean install of Lucid on a P1620 and have been successful in getting the buttons and touchscreen working using the instructions on this site. Thanks so much for getting this to work.

    However when I suspend/hibernate, the touchscreen stops working on resume. Do I need to set something up to reinitialise the touchscreen?

  9. Hi Richard,

    in my system suspend/resume is working properly ...

    I'll check again that, but in the meanwhile, you have to launch the command

    /etc/init.d/fujitsu_touchscreen start

    to reload the driver.