Linux on a Fujitsu U810, P1620, T1010 - Touchscreen VIII

Following a request from a user, I have adapted the driver to work on a Fujitsu T1010.

The problem was that, for an unknown reason, when running the calibration script, inside the driver code -1 was considered bigger than 94. I think that behavior must be because of some integer sign issues either because the new kernel, either because who knows; the truth is that this comparison works fine in my system, but doesn't on the T1010.

So, if you find that the calibration script doesn't work properly, then update to this newer version and try again.

Thanks to draco, for reporting the driver works on a T1010, for reporting the bug and letting me remote connect to his computer to debug the driver.

uname -a was:
Linux xxx 2.6.28-13-generic #45-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 30 22:12:12 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux

You can find the new driver here.

To follow installation instructions, go read this previous post.


  1. I use new driver on my B8260 and confirmed the bug was fixed. Actually, my model was also affected by this bug. Thank you!
    So, now I will report calibration value of my machine:
    x[98,3874] y:[350,3970]

    And I suggest that make install default to install fujitsu_usb_ stuff into /usr/local/bin.

  2. Hi anonymous,

    thanks for reporting that the driver works for B8260, I'll add that to the list.

    Before making next version to install to /usr/local/bin; can you please point me to any docs where it explains why I should use this directory?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Sorry, I made a serious mistake in the following post.
    With the phrase 'fujitsu_usb_ stuff', I ment 'fujitsu_touchscreen_{calibration.py,helper,rotate.py}'. kernel modules must be in /lib/modules of course.
    But user-installed files should be separated from package-installed files as FHS says.
    Also, copying rc.local directly will replace user's own rc.local. This may not what they want.
    As you mention 'sudo make install' in README, make install should do least work, I think.

  4. Hi anonymous,

    I already understood you meant the driver utilities, not the driver itself.

    Copying the rc.local was the quick-and-dirty way to make the driver correctly load without having to notify the usbhid driver mantainer to exclude the uid of the touchscreen.

    I tried some specific /etc/init.d/ scripts, but didn't work out as expected. Yes, module load needs a review to make it more friendly.

    Thanks for your feedback !

  5. fail of rotation.py and fjbndrv at u2010 when ver 0.3.5

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    can you please be a little bit more specific of what does not work?

    Do you know if fjbndrv is working? or is the problem with the rotation.py script? if you don't know I'll send you instructions for debugging.


  7. I installed ubuntu 9.04 cd version on my u2010 and steps as make , make install.... are ok.
    After installation, my touch screen responses, ok.

    set up
    1. rotation.py
    2. fjbndrv
    as I did when ver 0.3.4

    after restart, rotation doesn't work when I turn my screen.
    green words of fjbndrv appears but no response when push button.
    Thanks. (maybe I've changed some setting but I don't know.)

  8. Sorry.After re-installation of fjbndrv(I used deb at first, then change to sudo apt-get ...), problems resolved by itself.Now it works very well.

  9. HI,

    Thanks for all the hard work!

    ? has anyone got this to work on a lifebook b2610? I have try every post I can find on try to get this to work but so for nothing.

    I have install it but I get and error on boot 'Module fujitsu_usb_touchscreen module does not exist in /proc/modules'

  10. Hi all, good work..but i installed this driver on my p1620...but touchscreen didn´t works, just double click is ok, i try to find solutions, but nothing, any ideas??

  11. Hi ricom,

    - the driver for sure works on the P1620

    - what you are experiencing is really strange, since double click uses the same code as the rest, so if doubleclick works, everything else should also work

    - I'm on vacations now; if you want, whejn back in September I can remote login to your system to debug and find what the problem is

    - otherwise, I would suggest you to re-calibrate the touchscreen


  12. ok for remote login, i wait mid september and good vacations

  13. Hi ricom,

    by mid-september just write me an email so I can get in contact with you and arrange a date to do the remote login.


  14. Hi, i upgrade to jaunty and all is ok. (do not know why touchscreen doesn´t works with hardy heron).
    Do you know how works "assistive technologie" for right click on kde?
    thank you very much

  15. Hi ricom, I'm glad it worked for you too!

    I'm sorry but I don't know abou kde assistive technologie.

    I'm working on having right-click-on-long-press built into the driver, but I cannot give any estimate about when will this new functionality be ready.


  16. Hi,

    doesn't work on Karmik Koala can somebody help?

    On Jaunty no problems


  17. Hi Vita,

    in order to help, can you please provide a little more info?

    - did you reinstall the module after upgrading?

    - what is exactly not working? Everything, screen rotation?


  18. i did format my hdd and installs Ubuntu 9.10, then i made updates and make the touchscreenfiles.

    nothing is working and i don't know where i can find a log oder a reason why

  19. Hi Vita,

    - first, look if the required module is loaded; in a shell, type:

    lsmod | grep fujitsu

    dmesg | grep fujitsu

    and report back the output of those two commands, to start debugging what happens with your system.

    - do you have an u810 or what other model?

  20. Hi, thx for your help the touchscreen is running, the modules are loaded, but i've a problem with the rotation script, everytime I trie to start i get the following message in terminal:
    line 28: import: not found
    from: can't read /var/mail/string
    from: can't read /var/mail/time
    line 31: import: not found
    line 38: syntax error "(" unexpected

    greetings Vita

  21. Hi Vita,

    which is the script that gives you theses errors?

  22. it's the rotate.py script when i run it as root, as normal user the script runs without errors but it doesn't work.

  23. Hi Vita,

    from your comment, I understand that:

    - screen rotation works, but when screen is rotated, touchscreen is not working as expected

    can you please post the results of typing the following in your computer:

    $ python
    >>> import subprocess

    type control+d to exit python, and send back the results

    If you want, we can schedule a time for me to remote log to your computer so I can debug what the issue is easily. I understand you may have some security concerns, but I have done it with other users and it has worked very well.


  24. screen rotation didn't work, because the script didn't start expecting the errors 2 posts before.

    The python software shows nothing, when I type import subprocess

    it would be very nice if you would debugg from remote.

    thank you so much

  25. hi

    with ubuntu 9.10 the driver is working better then the standard winxp driver.
    Ubuntu 9.1o is not so good. because of this reason i installed fedora 12. is their any posibility to build a makefile, that works with fedora? the original makefile says init-functions not found, allright ... this is a deb-feature.

    i also wasn't able to load the module with modprobe.



  26. Hi Michael,

    in order to remote-debug, I need you to allow me to remote ssh into your computer.

    Do you know how to do that? If yes, then send me by email the ip and user/pass, and let's make an appointment for a date to do the testing, since I cannot remote-touch your screen !

  27. Hi rud,

    I'm sorry I don't have fedora installed, so I cannot help here; anyway, if you want, I can try to remote-debug in your computer with your environment.

    If your are willing to do so, just let me know.

    In order to compile the module by yourself, I'd suggest to install the kernel development environment and then copy the Makefile file from the acecad driver.

  28. Hi, I got problem.
    When I rotate my screen, Desktop is rotating to, but the x and y axis dont rotate, so when i go up, the coursor goes left ...

    hope you can help

    greetings Vita

  29. Hi Vita,

    I understand that the problem is that the rotation event dos not arrive to the driver.

    What computer and linux version do you have?

    Please, run the command

    ps -auwx | grep fujitsu

    to check that everything is working and post the result.

  30. Hiya. I've had this driver working on my T1010 since Jaunty, and it's worked like a charm. But with the recent upgrade to Lucid Lynx it seems to have developed a lag before 'applying ink' in all pen-based applications; in Xournal, Cellwriter and GIMP the cursor now follows the stylus tip, but only starts forming a stroke after a short delay - which means for quick short strokes only the latter half comes out. For writing this is a particular problem, with only half of a letter being written (an e becomes a c) or quick strokes not registering at all (crossing a t too quickly doesn't do anything, even though the cursor tracks the motion).

    This seems very puzzling, as the screen response seems fine (suggesting the applications are the cause) but it's affecting all pen-based input (suggesting a driver issue).
    Any ideas?

    Thanks zmiq2

  31. Hi Anonymous,

    This coming weekend I'll update my computer to Lucid, and I'll post my comments about how to get it working, and I'll look into this issue too, so keep tuned !


  32. Huge thanks! Working in Lucid Lynx, 64-bit on my T1010.

  33. Hey zmiq2, just wondering if you, or the previous Anonymous for that matter, have had any experience with the lag I mentioned. Still haven't found any solution.At this rate I think I'll have to go back to Jaunty if I want to use the pen again.